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Benefits of Having a Trade Account:

Competitive Rates and Special Offers: While we already offer trade discounts to our cash customers, our dedicated Trade customers enjoy exclusive trade prices. We understand the significance of cost savings in running a business, so you can rely on us to provide you with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Priority service and support: As a valued trade account holder, you enjoy priority service and dedicated support. Your orders receive top priority for swift processing and on-time delivery, whether it’s for extensive construction projects or small DIY tasks. Our customer service team is committed to seamless communication, ensuring your materials are delivered promptly and efficiently.

Trade Accounts are for: These accounts are designed to cater to the specific needs of trade professionals who require regular access to building materials, timber, and supplies for their projects. Clients from various industries such as contractors, subcontractors, architects, property developers, landscapers, facility managers, renovation specialists, property management firms, and government entities can sign up for a trade account with us. It’s tailored for businesses and professionals who need efficient access to construction materials and supplies

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Terms & Conditions : Advertising Rules for Kelvin Timber Space

To advertise on Kelvin Timber's platform, businesses must possess a valid trade account with Kelvin Timber and have been with us for 6 months+. This ensures a mutually beneficial partnership and access to exclusive advertising opportunities. When you have your Trade account has been set, up new and old customers contact for information on the next steps to advertise your business on our webstore.

Advertisers are required to exclusively use materials supplied by Kelvin Timber in their projects. This condition ensures the promotion of our products and maintains a standard of quality associated with Kelvin Timber.

Advertisers must have a proven track record of maintaining a positive reputation within the industry. Kelvin Timber aims to associate with businesses that prioritize professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Advertisers should commit to delivering high-quality workmanship and services. The projects showcased in advertisements must reflect a standard that aligns with Kelvin Timber's commitment to excellence.

Advertisers are expected to conduct business in an ethical and legal manner. Any engagement in fraudulent or unethical practices may result in the termination of the advertising agreement.

Advertisers must comply with all relevant industry regulations and standards. This includes adherence to safety guidelines, environmental considerations, and any applicable legal requirements.

All advertising content, including images, text, and other media, must be submitted for approval by Kelvin Timber before publication. This ensures alignment with our brand image and values.

Kelvin Timber may offer exclusive advertising spaces to businesses that meet specific criteria. This exclusivity enhances the visibility and impact of the advertisement.

Kelvin Timber values long-term partnerships. Advertisers showing commitment, growth, and alignment with our values may have opportunities for expanded advertising presence and collaboration.

Kelvin Timber reserves the right to modify these advertising rules at its discretion. Advertisers will be informed of any changes, and continued use of our advertising space implies acceptance of the updated rules.