Chipboard P5 Moisture Resistant T&G 2400 mm x 600 mm


Chipboard P5 Moisture Resistant T&G (Tongue and Groove) is a specialised engineered wood product designed for applications where moisture resistance is crucial. Composed of wood particles or chips bonded with a moisture-resistant resin, this chipboard is specifically crafted to withstand damp conditions, making it suitable for use in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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The Tongue and Groove feature enhances the board’s structural integrity, providing a seamless and secure fit during installation. This chipboard variant is commonly employed as a subflooring material, offering not only stability and durability but also an added layer of protection against the effects of humidity and occasional exposure to moisture.

Ideal for construction and renovation projects, Chipboard P5 Moisture Resistant T&G ensures a reliable and moisture-resistant foundation, making it a valuable choice for applications where traditional chipboard might be less suitable. Explore the durability and versatility of Chipboard P5 Moisture Resistant T&G for your flooring needs in moisture-prone environments.

  1. Subflooring:
    • Ideal for use as a moisture-resistant subfloor in areas prone to damp conditions, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Flooring Systems:
    • Suitable for creating stable and durable flooring systems, especially in environments where moisture resistance is essential.
  3. Underlayment:
    • Used as an underlayment for various flooring materials, providing a smooth and moisture-resistant surface.
  4. Construction Projects:
    • Employed in construction projects where a moisture-resistant and structurally sound material is required.
  5. Renovation and Remodeling:
    • Valuable for renovations and remodeling, especially in spaces with higher moisture levels.
  6. Tongue and Groove Applications:
    • Utilized for applications that benefit from the secure and seamless fit provided by the Tongue and Groove feature.
  7. Bathroom and Kitchen Installations:
    • Applied in the installation of flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where exposure to moisture is common.
  8. Paneling:
    • Used for paneling applications, offering both structural support and moisture resistance.
  9. Temporary Structures:
    • Suitable for creating temporary flooring or structures in events or construction sites.
  10. DIY Projects:
    • Popular for various DIY projects, providing a versatile and reliable material for customization.
  11. Interior Construction:
    • Applied in the construction of interior structures, ensuring stability and moisture resistance.
  12. Commercial and Residential Flooring:
    • Suitable for both commercial and residential flooring projects where moisture resistance is a key consideration.
  13. Workshops and Utility Rooms:
    • Installed in workshops and utility rooms where durability and resistance to moisture are important.
  14. Retail and Exhibition Spaces:
    • Used in retail displays and exhibition spaces, providing a stable and reliable flooring solution.
  15. Versatile Construction Projects:
    • Adapted for various construction projects requiring a combination of strength and moisture resistance.

Always follow manufacturer guidelines and local building codes when using Chipboard P5 Moisture Resistant T&G for specific applications.


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    Imperial (inches) Actual (mm) Conversion (mm)
    1 25.4 25
    2 50.8 50
    3 76.2 75
    4 101.6 100
    5 127 125
    6 152.4 150
    7 177.8 175
    8 203.2 200
    9 228.6 225
    10 254 250
    11 279.4 275
    12 304.8 300
    24 (2ft) 609.6 600
    36 (3ft) 914.4 900
    48 (4ft) 1219.2 1200
    60 (5ft) 1524 1500
    72 (6ft) 1828.8 1800
    84 (7ft) 2133.6 2100
    96 (8ft) 2438.4 2400
    Dimensions 2400 × 1600 mm

    Particle Board, Chip Board




    Sheet Material

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