MDF Board 2440mm x 1220mm


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) stands as a versatile and cost-effective engineered wood product, offering a myriad of applications for both residential and commercial projects. Crafted by compressing wood fibers and resin under high pressure, MDF boasts a smooth and uniform surface, making it an ideal choice for various woodworking endeavor

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MDF’s adaptability extends to the realm of DIY projects, where it is frequently employed for creating intricate crafts, decorative panels, and built-in storage solutions. Its machinability allows for precision cutting and shaping, facilitating the realization of intricate designs with ease.

Beyond its aesthetic and structural benefits, MDF also finds utility in acoustic paneling and speaker cabinet construction, where its consistent density contributes to sound absorption and dispersion.

Here are some common uses of MDF:

  1. Furniture Construction:
    • Ideal for crafting cabinets, shelves, and furniture pieces.
    • Smooth and uniform surface for a flawless finish.
    • Accepts paints, veneers, and laminates easily for customization.
  2. Construction Applications:
    • Used in door construction for stability and durability.
    • Suitable for paneling and molding in architectural projects.
    • Resilient against warping and cracking.
  3. DIY Projects:
    • Popular choice for DIY enthusiasts due to its machinability.
    • Enables precision cutting and shaping for intricate designs.
    • Versatile for crafting decorative panels and built-in storage solutions.
  4. Acoustic Paneling:
    • Utilized in acoustic projects for sound absorption and dispersion.
    • Consistent density contributes to effective sound management.
  5. Speaker Cabinet Construction:
    • Chosen for speaker cabinets due to its density and stability.
    • Provides a reliable and sturdy enclosure for audio equipment.
  6. Versatile Crafting Material:
    • Well-suited for a range of creative projects and crafts.
    • Offers adaptability in design and application.
  7. Diverse Finishing Options:
    • Accepts a variety of finishes, including paints and laminates.
    • Allows for the creation of polished and customized surfaces.
  8. Reliable Performance:
    • Sourced for durability and performance in various applications.
    • Balances versatility with dependability for woodworking projects.

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    Imperial (inches) Actual (mm) Conversion (mm)
    1 25.4 25
    2 50.8 50
    3 76.2 75
    4 101.6 100
    5 127 125
    6 152.4 150
    7 177.8 175
    8 203.2 200
    9 228.6 225
    10 254 250
    11 279.4 275
    12 304.8 300
    24 (2ft) 609.6 600
    36 (3ft) 914.4 900
    48 (4ft) 1219.2 1200
    60 (5ft) 1524 1500
    72 (6ft) 1828.8 1800
    84 (7ft) 2133.6 2100
    96 (8ft) 2438.4 2400
    Dimensions 2440 × 1220 mm

    Fiber Board, Engineered


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    Sheet Material