Treated Timber Decking Board 3.6m x 145mm x 28mm


Introducing our exquisite European Redwood Decking, the perfect addition to elevate your outdoor living experience. Crafted with precision, this decking board offers a size of 3.6M x 145mm x 28mm, providing ample space for your dream outdoor oasis.

Enhance your outdoor space with our premium European Redwood Decking. Grooved on one side and smooth on the other.

Certified PEFC and FSC


Rest assured, our European Redwood Decking is certified with both PEFC and FSC, guaranteeing it is responsibly sourced from sustainable forests in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Choose a decking solution that aligns with your values and supports environmental stewardship.

Built to last, this redwood decking undergoes AC500 vacuum pressure treatment, offering unparalleled strength and durability. With a minimum 15-year desired life, you can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space for years to come.

Maintaining an optimal moisture content of 16-18%, our European Redwood Decking ensures stability and resilience in various weather conditions. The sturdy and moderately hard physical structure makes it ideal for withstanding everyday wear and tear.

Beyond its exceptional durability, this decking delights with its smooth and clean finish, allowing you to achieve a polished look for your outdoor sanctuary. Whether you prefer stains or varnishes, this wood is the perfect canvas for your creative touch and can be reversed.

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating retreat with our European Redwood Decking. Experience the charm of responsibly sourced wood that marries style and sustainability, providing you with a deck that not only enhances your property but also your connection to nature. Unleash your imagination and make the most of your outdoor living with this premium decking solution

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Delivery Question?

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    Imperial (inches) Actual (mm) Conversion (mm)
    1 25.4 25
    2 50.8 50
    3 76.2 75
    4 101.6 100
    5 127 125
    6 152.4 150
    7 177.8 175
    8 203.2 200
    9 228.6 225
    10 254 250
    11 279.4 275
    12 304.8 300
    24 (2ft) 609.6 600
    36 (3ft) 914.4 900
    48 (4ft) 1219.2 1200
    60 (5ft) 1524 1500
    72 (6ft) 1828.8 1800
    84 (7ft) 2133.6 2100
    96 (8ft) 2438.4 2400
    Weight 4 kg
    Dimensions 3600 × 145 × 28 mm
    Deck Length






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