Plywood 2440 x 1220


Discover top-quality plywood in a variety of sizes for your woodworking and construction projects.

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Plywood is a versatile building material that is used for various construction and woodworking purposes. It is made by gluing together layers of thin sheets of wood, called veneers, with the grain of each layer oriented at right angles to the adjacent layers. This cross-graining gives plywood its strength and stability.

Here are some common uses of plywood:

  1. Construction: Plywood is widely used in the construction industry for sheathing, subflooring, and roofing. It provides a strong and stable surface that can withstand the stresses of construction.
  2. Furniture: Plywood is commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture, including cabinets, tables, chairs, and shelves. Its strength and durability make it a popular choice for these applications.
  3. Cabinetry: Plywood is often used for making kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and other built-in storage solutions. It is preferred for its stability and resistance to warping.
  4. Doors: Plywood is used to make doors, especially interior doors. It provides a stable and durable material for door construction.
  5. Flooring: Plywood can be used as a subfloor material, providing a smooth and stable surface for the installation of finished flooring materials such as hardwood, laminate, or tile.
  6. Boatbuilding: Marine-grade plywood, which is specially treated to resist moisture and decay, is used in the construction of boats and other watercraft.
  7. Packaging: Plywood is used for packaging purposes, such as creating crates and boxes. It provides a sturdy and protective enclosure for shipping goods.
  8. Signs and Displays: Plywood is used in the creation of signs and displays due to its flat and smooth surface. It can be painted or laminated for a polished appearance.

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    Imperial (inches) Actual (mm) Conversion (mm)
    1 25.4 25
    2 50.8 50
    3 76.2 75
    4 101.6 100
    5 127 125
    6 152.4 150
    7 177.8 175
    8 203.2 200
    9 228.6 225
    10 254 250
    11 279.4 275
    12 304.8 300
    24 (2ft) 609.6 600
    36 (3ft) 914.4 900
    48 (4ft) 1219.2 1200
    60 (5ft) 1524 1500
    72 (6ft) 1828.8 1800
    84 (7ft) 2133.6 2100
    96 (8ft) 2438.4 2400
    Dimensions 2440 × 1220 mm



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